4 Tips To Select The Best Eco-Friendly, Cooling Machine For Your House

An evaporative or swamp cooling machine comfier is a cheaper and eco-friendlier replacement of a conventional AC. If you live in a hot region, then buying this cooler for your house will provide you with much relieved during summer. Go through the following points to make a more conscious decision.

How many types are there?

The eco-friendly, swamp cooling machines are of 2 types- portable and window-mounted. While the former one has the ability to be moved from one place to another with little effort, the latter will cool off a particular corner. So the question remains- which one will suit your purpose? It definitely depends upon few factors like.

• Do you want to cool down your patio or drawing room?

• Does the veranda of your bedroom remains hot all the time and need some temperature loss?

• Do you move houses often or planning to live in the current locality for next 2 years?

These are some of the questions that will guide you to locate the best window-mounted or a good portable evaporative cooler for your house.

Check out the climate of your region:

Though portable evaporative cooler sounds as such it is built in humid regions, the truth is the drier the climate for your part of the world the more efficient this cooling machine will work. It works best when the level of humidity is below 50.On the other hand, for muggy regions; you can as well look for other considerable options such as – window AC or portable AC.

Learn about its size:

If you live in a sprawling house then a small machine will fail to cool off the opposite end of a large room and it needs to give extra effort. The result? Your machine may not last till it is supposed to- at the first place. So the question remains- how can you determine the size of the machine you want? The answer lies with CFM. In the world of cooling machine, CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. Multiple the square feet of the room with the height of its ceiling and divide it by 2 and voila- you will get the CFM that your cooling machine should have.

Know why it’s cost-effective and eco—friendly!

The evaporative swamps machines work around a natural process that only uses water and electricity. Unlike a typical AC, a swamp cooling machine won’t operate via a refrigerant-thus polluting the environment. These swamp machines also cost less while incurring electricity bills.