5 Vape Myths That Have Been Debunked

There is a saying that when a person cannot directly affect you anymore, they would alter the environment around you to influence you indirectly. This is a very unethical marketing trick that almost all the renowned companies use up to date. When it comes to someone who like to vape, there are many ways people would try to make them stop doing something they like. Do you like to vape? Or are you still paranoid about it?
Here are 5 vape myths that have been disapproved. 

It gives you cancer
There is no doubt that there are many ways that you can get cancers. That is due to the various types of them. But a study that was done by a group of researchers from New York University School of medicine practically proved that there is no connecting with best vaping and cancer. Given that their test subjects were mice DNA and human cells, it just cannot get more confirmed.

  • There is no difference from smoking
    If there was such a situation why hundreds of thousands of smoke addicts would try E-cigarettes as their ultimate pathway to quit smoking? On the top of that, the reason why this whole vape-universe was created to replace smoking with something that even improves your health. It’s about time we stop thinking rubbish like this.
    • The devices are extremely expensive
      If you did a 5 seconds research on the internet about vaporizer kits Australia, this would be disapproved just like that. of course the device is going to more expensive than a cig. But a cigarette burns out, the device doesn’t. As long as you’re buying one from a reputed company that would confront you with several options to choose from, it just might be the one and only device you’d want for a lifetime.
      • One main cause of popcorn lungs
        Diacetyl is the main chemical component that causes this trouble for the lungs. This problem arose when a group of popcorn factory workers was inhaling great amounts of diacetyl while consuming the butter flavors. But a reputed scholar named Dr. Siegel confirmed that if anything is going to bring popcorn lungs, it is smoking, period.
        • They explode
          In a world where one of the extremely famous company has produced mobiles, what is the last time you heard the full story of a person whose vape device exploded? Here’s the realistic situation. They are electronic devices; if you tried to microwave it while one, it might explode. But are you one of those who would use it in a microwave rather than for its designated purpose?
          There are several other misconceptions that have been scientifically and practically disproven. That’s why you should not hesitate to get yourself a cool device and enjoy your life in the best way.