Things To Do Before The Baby Arrives

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. The process of feeling a new life being formed within you and experiencing the changes that occur due to its development can be described as nothing short of “surreal”. However, if no one has already broken it down to you, it’s time you acknowledged the fact that:


Here are some things that must be done before the baby arrives.

Plan your future meals

As absurd as this may sound, this tip will actually prove to be a lifesaver once you return from the hospital. You might have your family around you during the initial days which will make it much easier to adapt to this new lifestyle and change your schedule based on the baby’s timings. However, once your mom, sister or mom in law leave, you will experience one of the toughest times of your life. You will barely get the time to enjoy a hot shower, let alone cook a hot meal. Since takeout is not always an option, it would be recommended to cook your meals before the delivery and start freezing them so that you may heat one pack each day and enjoy a healthy home cooked meal once the newborn arrives.

Ensure that the baby room is ready

Most new parents often happen to have so many different ideas when designing the baby’s room, that they end up waiting until the last minute to complete everything. Avoid making this mistake as you don’t want the newborn arriving to a room that if filled with paint fumes and still has a layer of dust. Make sure everything is spick and span and every single item from the baby personalised blanket to the bottle, is sterilized in order to avoid any infections. Take some time out during the second trimester to start preparing for the baby’s arrival and make sure you finalize all the details during this period so that it may be completed before the delivery.

Spend time with your husband

If you haven’t already been warned, you must be made aware that your life is about to undergo a drastic change. Your life is basically going to revolve around this new individual that will occupy all your time and attention. In this case, you will barely have time to take care of yourself to the extent that a nap or shower might seem like a strenuous task. Naturally, your husband will be neglected and you will rarely get the “romantic time” that you used to get before the baby’s arrival. Therefore, make up for it before the delivery by spending loads of time with your significant other. It could be anything such as shopping for baby towels together or spending a romantic afternoon at the beach. You will receive loads of advice on how to deal with pregnancy and what to do once the newborn arrives. But, it all depends on what you choose to listen to and what you prefer ignoring. Every mom has a unique journey and so will you. So make the most of this and cherish the memories that you make along the way.